Local author Roger Sherburn Hall at the Art Gallery

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AH Violet on a benchLocal author Roger Sherburn-Hall will be at Bramshott Open Gardens talking about his book, “Violet, The Canadian Lieutenant’s Wife”, about his grandmother, born Violet Furlonger in 1893.

Violet was brought up in Haslemere. She was born in 1893 and when she was 15, Violet began her dressmaking apprenticeship.

In 1914 as Britain was catapulted into a World War, her life changed forever. Most of the young men that she knew joined up and one by one, met their fate in the trenches.

In 1916 nearby Bramshott Common was converted into a camp for thousands of newly arriving Canadian soldiers.

Violet, who was friends with author Flora Thompson and musical instrument maker Mabel Dolmetsch, met Canadian Lieutenant Frank Sherburn-Hall, and they were married in 1917 and emigrated to the Saskatchewan prairie town of Moose Jaw.

Roger will be talking about his book (and selling copies) in the Art Gallery at Covers Farm throughout the Open Garden weekend.

Book now ! Online ticket sales close at 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 8th June).